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➜ What is a supported employee?
➜ What is supported employment?
➜ What support will be provided to me as a supported employee of ASTERIA?
➜ What are the benefits of being a supported employee at ASTERIA?
➜ Am I eligible to become a supported employee?
➜ What jobs can I do?
➜ What training can I get?
➜ More information about jobs at ASTERIA Business Services

What is a supported employee?

A supported employee is a person with a disability who wishes to undertake employment within a supported environment with specialised staff.

What is supported employment?

Supported employment includes on the job support, specialised training and behaviour supports to maintain employment for a person with a disability. It requires a supported employee to work a minimum of eight hours per week. The supported employment program operates under the guidelines of the Department of Social Services (DSS) funding grant, National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) guidelines and is overseen by the Disability Service Standards.

What support will be provided to me as a supported employee of ASTERIA?

At ASTERIA Business Services, supported employees develop work and job skills through on-the-job training and internal training sessions.The employees receive case management where plans are designed to assign goals, assisting them to develop their skills.

What are the benefits of being a supported employee at ASTERIA?

ASTERIA Business Services is a workplace where all employees are valued for the skills they offer and the contribution they make.

Supported employment at ASTERIA is flexible. An employee's roster can be adjusted to meet their needs and the opportunity to work across a variety of business areas is available.

Many supported employees find the workplace is an experience they enjoy and other supported employees become like family.

Am I eligible to become a support employee?

Do you have a disability and an NDIS plan which states Finding and keeping a job?

If yes, you may be eligible to join our Support Employment Program.

If no, and you do have an NDIS plan, you can speak to your support coordinator or local area coordinator (LAC) and request Finding and keeping a job to be added to your plan.

If no, and you don't have an NDIS Plan, you can contact the NDIS and ask to apply to access the scheme.

Note: All supported employees working at ASTERIA Business Services need to undertake relevant checks before commencing employment and must have a tax file number (TFN)

What jobs can I do?

At ASTERIA Business services you can work across many different business areas.

From packing drills for Sutton Tools to placing stickers on books for McPherson's Printing; garden maintenance, including lawn mowing, trimming and operating the ride on mower; car washing and house cleaning.

There are many interesting and varied jobs offering tasks that will engage you.

What training can I get?

At ASTERIA Business Services you receive on-the-job training from staff and workplace mentors.

Internal training includes: Work Safely (including manual handling & SunSmart compliant process); Disability Service Standards; Freedom from Abuse and Neglect; Fire Awareness & Knapsack Training.

ABS staff can assist to link supported employees into qualified training in the community as required.

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More information about jobs at ASTERIA Business Services

ABS operates several business areas, ensuring a variety of work is available for supported employees. All supported employees undertake on-the-job training and skills development in a supportive, enjoyable environment.

Our areas of business include:

The majority of the supported employment program is funded by the NDIS with a small portion funded through The Department of Social Services (DSS). All supported employees work under the Supported Employment Service Award and supported employees are assessed by an approved wage tool.

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